Roto étrille Feelcrop qui désherbe une exploitation agricole

Rotative weeder TARGA,
an original Feelcrop tool

Weeding has never been so accessible.

Among our latest innovations in the field of mechanical weeding, the rotative weeder TARGA 6m, and 12m by Feelcrop shows a flawless precision.

Used as an alternative or in addition to the tined weeder SIGMA, its robustness allows it a strong power of penetration (unsharpening) while keeping an optimal follow-up of ground thanks to its independent sections of 1,5m.


High due to its heavy frame


Transport width
3,50 m

Optimal ground following
1.50 m section and independent rotors

Pressure adjustment from the tractor
0 to 25 kg / rotor

Roto étrille TARGA par Feelcrop en plein désherbage

Working width / rotor
15 cm

Working height
Adjustable with depth control wheel

High clearance under frame
65 cm

Double central rotors
With manual pressure adjustment as standard.

With 12 m rotative weeder :
Possibility to use in 6 m working width

rotative weeder TARGA characteristics

The advantages of the rotative weeder TARGA

• Continuous pressure adjustment (hydraulic)

• Rotors assembly in V to balance the efforts

• Rotor’s characteristic : Ø 500 mm, wire Ø 7 mm

• Space between rotor : 15 cm

• Independant rotor

• Decoupling Left / Right as standard

Zoom sur Roto étrille TARGA par Feelcrop en plein désherbage mécanique dans un champ

• Use even in the presence of residues (plants, stones)

• Working pressure from 0 to 25 kg

• Adapts to all cultures

• Large under frame clearance

• Effective crusts removing in all conditions

• Double rotor in the center for covering (as standard)

Our strengths

Zoom sur le réglage de pression hydraulique en continu de la roto étrille TARGA par Feelcrop
Continuous hydraulic pressure adjustment

Rotor high flex de la Roto étrille TARGA qui permet un désherbage mécanique d'une précision optimale.
High flex rotor

Zoom sur les roues doigt jaunes de la roto étrille TARGA par Feelcrop
Central overlapping rotors (as standard)

Zoom sur la roue porteuse 18x8.5 R8 à profil agricole de la roto étrille TARGA par Feelcrop
18×8.5 R8 wheel with agricultural profile


rotative weeder Targa Feelcrop designation

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