3D camera guidance system on self-steering frame

Increase efficiency with the Feelcrop 3D camera guidance system.
Implemented on a self-steering frame, this guidance system uses a 3D system that guarantees an unprecedented precision.

Camera set designation

Kit caméra pour système de guidage sur châssis autodirigé par Feelcrop France

• Detection optics on adjustable pole

• Piloting ECU

• Setting terminal + control display

• Hydraulic system

• Working lights

• Radar plug in standard + plots
(for 7 pin in cab)

3D system's advantages

Interface de guidage caméra 3D Feelcrop spécialiste du désherbage de précision au service de l'agriculture et des agriculteurs.

Improved tracking of correction in curves :
Progressive movement, due to the proportional hydraulic block

Automatic angle and height correction :
Settings simplification

Automatic left / right shift: :
During the impounded u-turn

Choice of colors  :
Optimization of settings according to crops and stages

3D mode :
Detection by height difference between the crop and the weeds in case of heavy weed cover

High resolution :
Work at early stages

Adaptable 3D camera guidance system

Adaptable 3D camera guidance system

Spare parts of the adaptable 3D camera guidance system

Spare parts of the Adaptable 3D camera guidance system

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