Herse Etrille SIGMA Feelcrop by Ermas qui désherbe une exploitation agricole

Tined weeder SIGMA

The Feelcrop tined weeder SIGMA, it’s the guarantee of an optimal precision weeding.
Very versatile, SIGMA is compatible with a huge diversity of cultures and can intervene during the different stages of the evolution of your seedling, without losing efficiency.

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Rotative Weeder TARGA

Weeding has never been so accessible.
Among our latest innovations in the field of mechanical weeding, the rotative weeder TARGA 6m, and 12m by Feelcrop shows a flawless precision.

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Zoom sur Roto étrille TARGA par Feelcrop en plein désherbage mécanique dans un champ
Accessoires de binage : Disques de buttage 350 mm et moulinets Feelcrop France pensés pour répondre aux exigences de l'agriculture et des agriculteurs.

Hoeing accessories

From market gardening to large-scale crops, Feelcrop offers a wide range of hoeing accessories designed to fulfill your needs.

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Guidance System

Work as closely as possible to its culture.
Choose a Feelcrop camera guidance system is the guarantee of an unequalled regularity of work between your plants.

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Kit caméra pour système de guidage sur châssis autodirigé par Feelcrop France